Brazosport Local Section

Welcome to the Brazosport ACS Chapter Website!

 Join us in congratulating the following individuals on their awesome success: 

Brandon Fails - Technician of the Year 

Jim Simon - Outstanding Technical Achievement

Shannon Phillips - Local Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year 

Ande Larsen - Special Section Award

Ted Carnahan - Service to the Section Award

Dan Vanderlende - Service to the Section Award

Pradeep Jain - Service to the Section Award  


More of the News:   

  • Join the Brazosport Local Section at the Lake Jackson Annual Festival of Lights on Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.   
  • Brazosport Local Section Member Al Ribes is inducted as ACS Fellow, Class of 2017! Check out his contributions on our Announcements page!  
  • Thank you to Dr. Karen Pickering for an enlightening talk on the chemistry in space travel, and everyone who attending Thursday's event at the Dow Diamond Center!
  • Dr. James Pierce celebrates 50 years of service to the American Chemical Society! Go to our Announcements page to read about his success!
  • Jay Allen receives National Chemical Technician Award! Go to our Announcements page to read about his great accomplishment!
  • The Brazosport Local Section & AIChE are teaming up for a social event! Happy hour begins at Wurst Haus on Thursday 4/20/2017 at 5:30 pm.  
  • The Brazosport Local ACS section saw an excellent 2017 kickoff with our Star Gazing Event at the Center for the Arts and Sciences.  A huge thank you to Judi James, our keynote speaker, and everyone who attended!  
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Dear ACS Brazosport Section,
I’m thrilled to be kicking off this year as the Chair for the
Brazosport Local Section! I had a great experience as chairelect
in 2011 and hope to continue the momentum into
2012. To start, I would like to share with you my main goals
for the year. My first goal is to focus on networking and social
events. As a relatively new employee at Dow Chemical,
I’ve lived in this community for less than five years. During
that time, I’ve become a firm believer for the need for increased
networking opportunities for professionals. I would
like to increase local participation of members and nonmembers
in local section activities through events targeting
professional networking and focused social activities. I’ve
already received a $1000 Industry Grant from ACS and am in
the process of planning a networking event for the spring.
Look for more details to come!
To facilitate this first goal, I also believe in establishing improved
lines of communication to our local members. This
year we will focus on continuing to expand our communication
network through facebook, our website, newsletters,
mailings and word-of-mouth. But the best communication
occurs in two directions! Please help us with this effort by
updating your contact information on or calling
1-800-333-9511. Also find us on facebook, email us and
post the event fliers at work.
My third goal is a personal challenge to raise the bar on
planning and organization of events. Our section has an
outstanding history of being recognized nationally through
ChemLuminary Awards and I want to be sure to continue
that tradition.
With these three goals, a fantastic support structure from
our board, committee chairs and long-term volunteers, I’m
positive that 2012 will be another outstanding year for the
Brazosport Local Section.
-Chanda Klinker (Chair of ACS Brazosport Local Section)


the International Year of Chemistry.
the value of chemistry in communities, improve local section
visibility through outreach programs, provide local member’s
learning and networking opportunities, and celebrate
the International Year of Chemistry.